So it’s taken us over 18 years to get to our 300th release… We probably could have reached the milestone a lot sooner, but hey, who’s counting anyway.

It would be fair to say that the Toolbox House journey is one of twists and turns, stops and starts, but it was always a the long game we had our eyes set on. With incredible achievements in our early years it was obvious we were serious. We topped the download charts with classics such as “A Higher Place” by Peyton, hit the compilation Beatport #1 spot with “The Dark Side” by DJ Pagano and were trusted with dance music anthems such as ‘Save The Day” by Diss-Cuss and “Hooked” by 99th Floor Elevators.

In later years we took a few breaks, and yes we know, leaving you, our loyal fans wondering when the next release will drop. But we always returned.

Fast fwd 18 years (a little over) and Toolbox House continues to push ever forward and in 2021 we hit more than just one milestone. We hit 18 years in the industry – our coming of age, and also released more singles in one year than ever before.


And here we are. January 2022 and 300 singles/EPs later…. and of course many great compilations too.

For our 300th main release we had to do something special to mark the occasion and to make that happen we have called upon some of our regular Toolbox stars and a couple of new names to deliver a 10 track EP that spans across the sound of what we like to call the “THS” Toolbox-House-Spectrum or Toolbox-House-Sound

Drax Nelson, Nik Denton, FKF, Defunkt Hau5, History Of House, Rob Hills, Carl Shawn, ROYLE4NINE, Daniel Hall and Steffan David all return to the label and Dave Bond and Ant Abbotts make their Toolbox House debuts. All coming together for what we think is a pretty delicious EP to kick off 2022. Hold tight, strap yourselves in.. we’re just about to put our foot to the floor.