Toolbox House proudly welcomes Adam Guy to the label this week with his new GUYZA release “Me & You”. 

Following a string of huge releases on Toolbox already in 2022, “Me & You” stands out as the biggest hands in the air track on the label so far this year. We’re addicted here at Toolbox HQ. But that’s enough of us telling you how much we love the track.. let us hand you over to the man himself for a quick chat about all things ADAM GUY >>

DJ Adam Guy

01: Welcome to the Toolbox family Adam.   It’s great to have you on board.   For those that don’t know your background, give us the low down on the musical history of Adam Guy…

Well, where do I start. I’ve been Djing since I was 14 so 26 years ago… started Djing out out when I was about 19 i went to Loret De Mar in Spain – blagged my way into a club by saying I DJ’d everywhere in the UK (complete lie) and ended up with a residency all summer.

I then came back to Manchester and was resident DJ for 2Risque, then Area51 and then Venus Manchester for 15 years – in between playing all over the UK and Europe

Now, still doing the same thing taking 2020 out the equation obviously 🙄 

02: Your first release “You & Me” has just dropped on Toolbox House and what a debut it is.  What was the inspiration behind the track?

I love my piano and a lot of the older old skool stuff from when I was younger so I always get an idea from the 90s and give it a different sound (or try to) / all my releases are piano based, I can’t pull myself away from it!

GUYZA – Me & You (OUT NOW)

03: In a relatively short time, since summer 2021, you’ve had tracks released on labels Whore House, Zulu, Love To Be and Let There Be House. How does “Me & You” differ from your previous releases and how would you describe your sound?   

It’s a lot less serious than some I’ve done – I can never make my mind up what direction to go down – I would say that good solid house music is my style – always based on what I’m Djing with at the current time. if that makes sense!

04: Toolbox House is now in its 19th year and has just celebrated its 300th release in January.  Have you been a fan of the label over the years and when did the label first hit your radar?

Yes of course, I’ve heard of Nik and Mark anyway, just never me them until now – I’ve always supported local talent and labels I think it’s really important to do that. With the likes of Defected etc ruling the charts, if you delve into your labels like Toolbox there are some absolute gems of tracks over the years, really good ones too!

05: We know you like your classics.  If you had to choose 5 tracks that most define you and your love for house music, what tracks would make the list?

Oh shit, this is a difficult one, everyone asks me this all the time – I had to pick a top ten for MMMF a few months ago for Bowlers and I shortlisted 50 tunes!!! 😂 so it’s very hard so here goes..

From 5-1 

5: Groove Armada – Super Stylin (just love this record so much and seeing them live when this gets played – holy shit goes off!!!)

4: Ian Carey – say what you want dub mix – this reminds me of being in ibiza When I hear this even now it takes me straight back to Bora Bora 

3: Danny Tenaglia – Music Is The Answer (just because 👌)

2: Greece 2000 – Three Drives. This record I want playing at my funeral, 1999 it was released and it’s still as fresh 23 years later!

1: Herd & Fitz ft Abigail Bailey – Can’t Get Enough. Massive Manchester tune for me and my 3 friends actually made the record – Still has the same impact now as it did in 2004 & I’m in the official video (wearing a blazer 🤨)

06:  You’re playing Toolbox House Mcr – the first ever Toolbox House event!   What can we expect from you on the night?

I’ll smash it don’t worry, big hands in the air House music all night, never fails! 

Toolbox House MCR – Saturday 02nd April @ Rebellion


07:  The perfect Adam Guy weekend is….

Ideally, staying in with my mrs, little girl and little boy but those weekends are few and far between – I don’t drink anymore so I like to have a busy weekend /late nights Djing and get up and enjoy my Sunday day.

08:  Looking ahead over the rest of 2022, what can we expect. Anything exciting in the pipeline we NEED to know?

Ive got some good gigs coming up with you guys at Toolbox House , I’m doing the Flashback Festival, Manchester Adored Bowlers Festival and History Of House in Nottingham – I’m also running my own event with Joe Wilson which is called Rewind Club Classics on the last Saturday of every month, starting 26th Feb at Playground Club MCR , I’ve also got releases out on Whore House and hopefully you guys again.

I’m looking forward to working with you all. Thanks lads x

Thank you Adam. We’ll see you at Toolbox House MCR on 02nd April @ Rebellion.

GUYZA – “Me & You” is out now on Beatport to download or stream on all major platforms >>