As the new Toolbox Most Wanted compilation drops at Beatport, Toolbox HQ thought it was time to catch up with the the super talent behind the album ROYLE4NINE

01. Welcome to Toolbox Ronnie.  Let’s kick off with a bit of background on your alias ROYLE4NINE.   Where did the name come from and where does the inspiration come from for your sound?

I wish there was a more interesting back story to this but it’s a bit of a mash up of my surname and the last 2 digits of my old Army number.  I was originally just going to go for “ROYLE”  but that had already been snapped up on Beatport and Spotify so I went for ROYLE4NINE instead. 

I draw inspiration from everywhere really.  I’ve got quite an eclectic taste in music but grew up listening to stuff like Stu Allan on Key 103, Bonkers and Helter Skelter tape packs, The Prodigy and old school hip hop so I’ve always loved incorporating elements like the stabs and vocals from those sorts on genres in to my tracks where I can but generally, big bass lines, big synths and big drums are the cornerstone of the majority of my music. 

02. You’re clocking up some releases on Toolbox House now.  Does it feel like you are part of the Toolbox family now?

Yes, 3rd release coming on the 1st October, a remix inbound at the end of October and I’ve had my first track signed for 2022 so I’m definitely not complaining.

I’m buzzing to be part of a label with the pedigree and history of Toolbox and it really does feel like a family.  All the other artists on the roster have been properly supportive and happy to help out and give pointers whenever I’ve reached out, which has been massively appreciated as I only really started taking production seriously about 12 months ago.  Big shout outs to Mark Armitage, Nomadic and UKE in particular.  In fact, Nomadic said something about a Toolbox mug?

03. Most Wanted 7 is a celebration of the label’s biggest tracks from the past few months, talk us through how you decided on the track list and are there any favourites on the compilation that people should pay particular attention to?


At the risk of sounding cliche, I wanted the mix to take listeners on a bit of a journey starting with Manuel Grandi’s distinctive and unique ‘Stradivacid’ pushing on through the various genres that have been released over the last few months, getting harder as it progressed and finishing with Harley Sanders & William Sizen Bell’s progressive and anthemic remix of ‘Freaks Don’t Sleep’. 

All the tracks on the compilation are amazing but some of my favourites are Ross Homson’s ‘Gooped’, slickfader’s ‘Promises’ and ‘Time Waster’ from Nico Luss, Geminus and Harrison J.

04: You now compile the weekly Toolbox Essentials playlist.  For those that don’t know about the playlist, can you tell us when it is compiled and where it can be found. 

The Toolbox Essentials playlist is updated every Friday with the biggest new house and tech house releases with the occasional sprinkling of techno.

You can find the playlist over on Spotify so make sure you follow the playlist to keep up to date with the weekly additions.

05: Your new single “Feel The Heat” is incoming on Toolbox in October.  We love it here at Toolbox HQ. What can ROYLE4NINE fans expect?

Cheers, glad you all like it.  It’s something completely different to anything I’ve released so far and it’s one of my favourite tracks to date. 

I originally started writing it in March and had summer on my mind so there is definitely a hint of latin house in there, there’s trumpets, there’s high energy percussion and an uplifting vocal.  It’s quite a unique sounding track to be fair so I hope people enjoy it.

06: Digging deeper into your own productions, what is the thought process before writing a track and do you have any advice to ROYLE4NINE tips for new and upcoming producers.

I wish I had a set process, it would probably make my life easier haha.  The majority of the time, I will find a vocal I like the sound of, I’ll have a play around with it and start to build a track around it but when I wrote ‘Feel The Heat’, I  started with the instrumental, which I made relatively quickly, but didn’t find the vocal until about 6 weeks later.  It broke me at the time but I think the end result was worth the wait.

I think my best bit of advice would be to write music that you enjoy making and listening to and not necessarily what you think other people want to hear.  It’s too easy to start second guessing yourself when you try and predict what other people want, so enjoy the process because there will always be somebody out there who loves your sound, you just need to find the right audience.   

07: You look very busy out in the clubs at the moment.  How are you finding being back playing post Covid?  Any obvious differences to crowds and the music they want to hear?

I’m slowly getting busier now which I’m thankful for.  I’ve got a couple of residencies in Preston.  One at a bar called No.16 and I’ve got a new club night called ‘MANA X Voodoo presents’ at a club called Baluga where we are hosting Endor on 24th September so I’m really looking forward to seeing where we can take things moving forward. 

The crowds I’ve played for post-lockdown seem to embrace their nights out more than they did 2 years ago and there seems to be a collective mentality of people enjoying the moment.  People aren’t taking things for granted like they may have before which is only a good thing in my eyes. 

08: ROYLE4NINE’S ideal Dj line up at an event would be….

This is a hard one but in no particular order and subject to change depending on my mood:

Carl Cox

Fatboy Slim



Green Velvet

09: Top 5 all time favourite house tunes…

Absolutely impossible to list this definitively but 5 off the top of my head are:

Silicone Soul – Right On!

Bob Sinclar – I Feel For You (Morillo Re-Edit)

Format B – Chunky

Cajmere – Brighter days

Patrick Topping – Be Sharp Say Nowt

10:  2021 has obviously been a busy year for you so far.  What can we expect to see and hear from you in for the rest of the year and beyond into 2022? 

Well if the nation doesn’t get grounded by the powers that be again, we should hopefully have a strong finish to 2021 with some big headliners in the pipeline for our ‘MANA X Voodoo presents’ night and I’ve still got a couple of tracks to drop before the year is out as well.  I’ve just finished a remix for Nomadic and we are working on a collaboration as well so keep your eyes peeled for those. 

The plan for 2022 is to continue to grow the brand for my club nights and to carry on developing my skill sets and sound as a producer, whilst enjoying myself as much as I can in the process.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented, driven friends and supportive family so I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can learn and how far I can push things over the next 12 months.

You can find the new Most Wanted Compilation here at Beatport:

Thanks for having me 🙂