Yo UKE! Its been a pleasure to have you back on the (not so) newly revamped BOXT & you’ve really brought the Techno fire! Tell us where you got the inspiration for the My Love EP, which was out in July:

Hey!Its a pleasure to be involved in the label, I’m happy its under new management with a clear direction and some great and regular releases!

The ‘My Love’ EP came about after i binged on hardgroove techno for a month!-I always loved the older stuff from D.A V.E the drummer and Trevor Rockcliffe,But theres a ton of newer tracks and artists coming out of eastern europe that bring the sound right up to date.

The ‘My Love’ track was my ‘take’ on hardgroove, not as underground and ‘dubby’ as traditional hardgroove, a bit more commercial but keeping a hardgroove agenda!

The new EP, Showin Out is getting some great support right now, tell us a little more about that, who’s supporting it & what events is it being played out at?

Yeah, it’s really catching a bit of interest!

The track actually takes its inspiration from Guy Mcaffer-Raw 9(thanks senan!).

I liked the original idea, but i felt i could expand on it!

So i ripped the vocals from the mel and kim track with LALAL.AI,

Cleaned them up(a lot)..got some good drums-broke out the 303 and hey presto!-we got a banger!

Viviana was first to pick up on it-playing it at both Elrow events in Germany and Ibiza-we got very lucky as she managed to get a closing set-and thats where it got its first big moment.

Pagano has recently picked up on it-and played it for the LaDemence cruiseship party and also at the circuit festival in Barcelona. Who knows where it will go next!

Who knows indeed!!! 

How does it feel to see your tracks so greatly received at such prestigious events?

Its what we all do this for…to see the tracks come to life on a big sound system. Tracks take on a different feeling when played on big systems.In the past i have glossed over tracks thinking they weren’t that special-but after hearing them out i soon changed my mind!

My only disappointment is not physically being there to hear it, but we cant have it all and i’ve got some wicked insta promo videos!

Yes we’ve seen these, amazing promo for sure, what a buzz!

Do you have any further plans for your music with either Viviana or PAGANO at all?

I’ll continue to send Viviana anything I can in the future – She has such a huge reach in Europe & is an absolute powerhouse, if she continues on her trajectory, there’s no doubt she will get huge worldwide attention.

After some contact with Pagano – he has asked me to submit a 2 track EP demo for his label ‘KISM’.

It’s a massive opportunity! – the standard and roster of artists is as good as it gets on ‘KISM’.

So i gotta really submit something really outstanding and make the very most out of the chance ive been given!


That’s amazing news mate well in on that & we’ve no doubt you have just what PAGANO is after or he wouldn’t have requested that demo or be playing your music.

What other DJs would you like to see playing your tracks?

To be honest Pagano was the cherry for me – he’s my favourite DJ/Producer out there – I’ve been following since the old ‘TRADE’ days. Im the kinda person that’s content with a small amount of success..Im not that hung up on who plays the tracks -whether its on a soundcloud mix with 50 listens or Pagano playing to 1000 people – its all a bonus!

That’s a great outlook to have; all plays are plays!

After this next EP, do you have anymore music lined up with BOXT?

Fo sure! I’ll always have tracks for BOXT – it’s still a priority to help contribute and hopefully grow the label.

Its awesome to have you onboard mate & its great seeing you make that harder sound again.

Do you have your sights set on any other labels moving forward?

Of course, if i can find a regular home on ‘KISM’ that would be great – but that really depends on the tracks.

Im not overly keen on chasing labels for releases – I find that if the music you’re making is good enough – the major players will hear you eventually…Anthems travel – they always have, it could be word of mouth or more often now, social media clips.

I’m more than happy to releasing on BOXT, The tracks find a home and occasionally we have success with someone with a wider reach picking up on our tracks!

Success that seems to come out of no where is always the most satisfying – it feels like someone just handed you something – when in fact you probably put in a ton of legwork prior to it!

You seem to have a lot lined up, what else would you like to see more of within the music industry?

I certainly have enough on my plate music wise – like most, I lead a very normal working life and try to squeeze the music around that.

I really like the remix competitions – There’s not enough around.

It gives new producers a good shot at being noticed – plus the fact you are half way there when you open your DAW.

Competitions in general a healthy activity – years ago Mixmag/Muzik used to run comps – with James Zabiela winning Muzik Magazine’s Bedroom Bedlam competition, and thus kickstarting his career.

So, with so many new producers now – why not upload some stems and see what the new guys can do?

More news on this one to follow soon enough Mr UKE… 

Do you have any producers you would like to work with in the future?

I would have to say the ‘Filterheadz’-I honestly think those guys are not human – they are two machines that can make cutting edge techno: one track after another!

Symbiotic on Tronic is a masterclass in techno..so yeah – just to watch their production process would be a treat. 

Who knows what the future may hold….

Where do you see yourself musically in 12months time?

Still making that I make now, but with the final mixdowns becoming cleaner.

Even though i always send over stems to get mastered – I’m still not happy in what’s being bounced – But I have a feeling that that’s more a reduction in overall track elements, rather than a total rework of what I’m doing.

So as the interview comes to an close lets hit a Quick fire round:

All Time Top 3 tracks: 

Breeder – The Chain

Sourmash – Pilgrimage to paradise

Yeke Yeke – Hardfloor mix

Favourite Food?  Indian

Favourite Colour?  Techno Black(of course!)

House or Techno?  Techno is where its at..it’s where I hear something, and say ‘how the fuck did they do that…?’ there  is more creativity and experimenting within Techno for me.

Filthy Rave Venue or Swanky Nightclub?  All I ever frequented over the years was filthy shitholes, with trainspotting toilets – I aint changing now!

Favourite Club/Event of all time?  Anything in the camden palace pre 2000 was pretty monumental

Guinness or Murphys? Neither!- I’ve never tasted any of them – I’ve been a tee totaler for years!

Your favourite UKE track?  Richard Harrington-Devotion (UKE remix)

Sun or Snow? Sun

All time favourite DJ? Pagano 

(as if we didn’t know this already after the first part of the interview!)

Well UKE its been amazing to catch up with you again & we really cant wait for the new EP to drop, could you just remind us when that is?

2nd of September !!!

That’s awesome, not long now & looking forward to the release! Any shouts or anyone you’d like to mention before we go?

Nik Denton for all the opportunities over the past few years!

Nomadic @ BOXT for all the effort invested in turning a near defunct label into something great!

My long suffering partner-Maria,for all the times i ignored her in favour of a computer monitor 😉

Anyone who listened to or even purchased my music thus far!

What an absolute pleasure to interview you today UKE, many thanks for your time. 

So you heard it here first UKE’s next EP Release; Showin Out/On The Floor is set for release, exclusively to download on Beatport from the 2nd Sept & available to pre order now! You will also be able to stream it across all platforms on this date! Keep an eye out for that along with all future BOXT Releases.

You will find UKE on 

Insta: @uke_muzik

FB: UKEMuzik

Soundcloud: ukehouse

Don’t forget to also follow him on Beatport & Spotify

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