With our Remix Works series launched and the first two EPs now available exclusively at Beatport, we caught up with one of the artists behind one of the incredible remixes in the series: William Sizen Bell

01:  It’s great to have you back on Toolbox following an absence of over a year.  How was 2020 for you musically with Covid19 having an huge impact on the industry. 

Thank you. It has been a very tough time for everyone in our industry; there is no escaping that. I played my last gig in Belgium on the 7th March 2020 and I haven’t played since. However; one positive to come from this has been having the time to focus on producing music again and developing a ’sound’ that I would like to be known for as an artist.

02: You’ve been working closely with Harley Sanders from Incus on your new productions and on your new remix of “How To Shake” – how did your partnership come about?

I had the privilege of playing alongside Harley a few years ago and we’ve been friends ever since.  As well as being a DJ; he is a very talented producer and has taught me so much about the art of production. I’ve been following his work closely over the years and I love the sound of Incus.  When the opportunity came to remix “How To Shake” – Harley was the natural choice to do the collaboration justice.  

The Remix Works // Part One

03: We’ve heard several bootlegs of yours surfacing over this past year and mostly of trance classics.  Is trance music your main inspiration for what you do as an artist / DJ?

Growing up in Sheffield, the home of Gatecrasher I spent my early years partying to trance which has definitely left its mark on me. I play mostly progressive house but will creep in some tance or one of my bootlegs into a set if the time is right. I mentioned ’sound’ previously; as a DJ and artist I feel it’s very important to try and craft your own and become known for it. 

04: Events are currently not happening in most places around the world.  When the clubs and festivals are back in business, what would you ideal line up be for the first event you attend or play at? 

Grum / Paul Thomas / Chris Bekker / Nik Denton 

05: You have been putting on live streams over lockdown that look pretty epic.  Can you tell us more about them?

Finding myself with way too much time on my hands with events cancelled and international travel banned I wanted something to do and focus on. Never wanting to do things by halves I approached Aaron Smith from MSL (Oldham) and Paul Stacey from UTS (Manchester). They are specialists in event production, lasers, lighting and LED screens who have also had their festival / event work cancelled due to the pandemic. So we teamed up to put on live streams from iconic Manchester buildings with full festival / event production.

06: Looking ahead at 2021 and beyond, can we have some exclusive information about what’s happening in the Sizen Bell diary going forward?

Exclusive – The launch of the sub label ‘BLK Box’ this Spring as part of Toolbox so watch this space.

07: Tell us more about BLK Box.  How did this come about?

I was conscious of my sound and was somewhat different to the main body of tracks released on Toolbox House. Having released previously on Toolbox House I was very keen for this relationship to continue so the formation of a ’Sub Label’ was the natural progression. ‘BLK Box’ will be bringing a darker, more progressive sound to Toolbox. I relish the opportunity to work with different producers /artist as part of the Toolbox family

08: Finally, where can we hear your music online Will?

You can find my music at soundcloud.com/williamsizenbell and details of Live Streams at facebook.com/williamsizenbell

Thank you William.  Great to have you back on Toolbox.

The William Sizen Bell & Harley Sanders remix of “How To Shake” is out now on the first Remix Works EP.  Available exclusively at Beatport